Badgers Under The Table

Another silly song. The ‘rules’ for writing all these songs is to do it quickly, not overthink anything, and just enjoy the freedom of being daft. This one features excessive amounts of rhyming – it was written around as many proper rhymes for ‘table’ as I could think of.

The title comes from a mishearing in the pub after the most recent Flying Monkeys storytelling night in Bridport , where I sang publicly for the first time years, with the ukulele (Numb Bumb, Beard, Richard Hawley’s lovely ‘Tonight The Streets Are Ours’, and the classic ‘I’ll See You In My Dreams’, in case you were wondering). I’ve no idea what I actually said but Storyteller extraordinaire Martin Maudsley  heard “badgers under the table”. So here’s a song called that, with the ukulele, under a table.

I’m hoping to make a properish video for this one at some point, featuring badgers doing things under the table. But this’ll do for now.


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