I’ve just come down off a hill, figuratively and literally. I went up to watch the solstice full moon (the Strawberry Moon) rise and the sun set. I can’t describe it. It was another of those jaw-droppingly achingly beautiful moments, like seeing the mountains by starlight, that rendered me unable to say anything expect “…wow…”. Totally spellbinding. The huge moon rose pink (no pun intended, but I like it now it’s there) then turned golden, and slipped in and out behind bands of cloud. It hid for a time then popped back out to bathe us in its magical honeyed light again.

Directly opposite it the sunset turned layers of clouds a spectacular range of pinks and oranges and golds, before slowly fading leaving slate blues and greys and little patches of pink and gold. Watching it from the top of Allington Hill were just me and one other. We both independently went there to watch the moon rise and the sun set, and were amazed to be the only ones. We both remarked on how priveledged we felt at seeing it, and that everyone should be seeing it.

Each time I turned from the moon to the sun or vice versa the view in that direction had changed completely. And then with the sea to the south, I was totally in awe of the whole spectacle. My chance companion and I just kept slowly turning from the moon to the sun, from the sun to the moon, taking in everything in between. Utterly spellbound and unable to tear ourselves away until it was nearly dark. Grinning hugely, and occasionally able to mutter “wow” again but not much more.

The air was completely still, with swallows (and later bats) swooping around. As soon as the sun sunk below the horizon a gentle, warm and cleansing breeze picked up.

The evening ended with a hug with a stranger where we parted ways coming down off the hill because we’d shared such a magical experience.

If the sky’s clear tomorrow night, go up a hill at sunset! It may not be the solstice anymore but it should still be a damn fine show!

Photos can’t really do it justice but here they are anyway.


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