This an old song. In fact the first proper song I wrote. In many ways it is annoyingly still quite possibly the best one, as my eldest sister often tells me, though I think Time Is a Slippery Bastard might be close. The non-chronological word order of “ate and harvested your beans” annoys me a bit now but it fitted better that way around.

I was 19 when I wrote it, and it’s not so easy to sing that high now! It’s about WWOOFing in Ireland and the Swiss Alps (WWOOF = World Wide Workers on Organic Farms). I had a jolly good time. There’s some mild swearing in the chorus, 3-year-old twins at the first smallholding I WWOOFed at, who were told not to go out in “the real pissing rain” one day, and the phrase struck a chord with them. They spent several days telling their toys that they couldn’t go outside because it was “real pissing rain out there” in their sweet Irish 3-year-old voices.

I finally remembered how to play the mandolin this evening, after having been a bit hesitant with it. It feels good. I love my mandolin.

This is me thrashing through Sundried WWOOFer (aka Leeks) with the mandolin.


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